The modern era of healthcare is often fraught with time constraints, disconnections, stiff protocols, and regulatory roadblocks. Sophisticated medical advances have improved results but increased confusion, frustration and anxiety. It can feel like we’re observers or unwilling participants in our own disjointed care.

Welcome to your health, your way.

Let’s sit down and discuss how we can provide personalized guidance, advocacy, and support for your health care. We can work together on a one-time assessment, a short-term goal, or on an ongoing basis.

Be Informed

We will help you collect, understand and maintain your personal information by:

  • Gathering your medical information and reviewing your complete picture
  • Interpreting and discussing any confusing results or findings
  • Making sure there are no missing elements or unanswered questions
  • Maintaining your history and paperwork in an easily accessible and chronological fashion
  • Identifying additional community resources and support

Be Supported

Let us be your advocate and help you navigate the process by:

  • Determining what questions to ask, of which healthcare providers
  • Accompanying you on appointments, making sure all questions get answered and make sense
  • Arranging and coordinating scheduling for tests, procedures, and followup visits
  • Determining what’s covered by insurance, assisting with any necessary referrals/approvals, and clearing roadblocks
  • Establishing relationships with providers, making sure everyone has all your relevant information and is a part of your team
  • Serving as a liaison to your family
  • Managing transitions between hospital, nursing facilities, and home

Be Well

Let us guide your wellness and fitness by providing:

  • Focused attention on steps and strategies to improve chronic illness or injury
  • Fitness prescriptions to suit any capability, environment, and goal
  • Generalized health coaching for optimum health
  • Enhance your mind-body connection through proven methods and personalized strategy based on you

Be Prepared

Are you facing planned major surgery/procedure/hospitalization? Let us help prepare you for success and smooth recovery by:
  • Optimizing your fitness
  • Enhancing your nutrition
  • Embarking on a dedicate program of “prehabilitation” which will help yield shorter stays and fewer complications

Mia Marietta, MD

Anthropology, exercise, medicine. Dr. Marietta has diversity of academic as well as practical experience. She received her bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College, her master’s from Colorado State University, and her MD from University of Colorado Health Sciences. Along the way, she has worked for non-profits, hospitals and as an independent contractor developing fitness prescriptions for individuals and sports teams. While she enjoys bedside medicine and being involved in direct patient care, it became clear that there is a rapidly growing need for guidance and advocacy, as many are becoming lost in a rote and dismissive system focused on volumes and bottom lines.

When she is not working, Dr. Marietta enjoys active time with her family, including children and pets, reading, writing and learning the latest middle and elementary school jargon

Dr Marietta welcomes persons from all backgrounds, philosophies and perspectives.

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