Personal Experience Part II

So, home we go, a fistful of antibiotics, an absence of the peril of a pulmonary embolus, all will be well. We dutifully completed the antibiotics, he attentively consumed liquids, protein drinks, took walks, rested. However. The last pill swallowed, no significant inroads. Back to the drawing board. Must be something else. Churning through symptoms,…


COVID vaccine for children

Pfizer released its highly anticipated news this morning, September 20th, that the COVID19 vaccine was deemed both safe and effective for children ages 5-11. The next steps are to submit for EUA (emergency use authorization status) designation; conceivably, this could be rendered in the next few weeks. Key elements: -the dosing, at 10 micrograms, is…


To boost or not to boost

There is mounting evidence that a booster vaccine is helpful in improving your immune response to COVID 19. While the initial offering is to immunocompromised and frontline workers, anyone outside of the 8 month vaccine window should consider having a discussion with your health care provider regarding a booster vaccination.